“The preparation of raw material” Workshop organized by Phini Community.

The preparation of raw material

Finding, collecting, and carrying the raw material is mostly a man's job at Phini Village . Two types of soil are usually needed for the preparation of the clay -the white one and the red one -derived from areas surrounding the village. After excavating follows the spreading and drying of the soil. Then the "pounding" takes place so as to break down the clots. This is achieved with a wooden stick (called "Coupani") made out of hard wood. The sifting -done with a special sandbox -occurs afterward so as to remove the stones and other extraneous objects. Working the clay takes place in a specially made basin. Once the proper content of soil admixture is prepared, it is sprinkled with water and then stirred with a special wooden shovel. Then follows the transfer of the clay to the work area.



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