Clay, [Re] Interpreted

Clay, (Re) Interpreted

"Lellos Art Point is pleased to present a dynamic combination of six artists whose work lies within the field of ceramics. The exhibition wants to operate as an exchange platform between these proficient ceramicists, as well as an action to emphasise on the way the clay medium can be (re)elucidated in such a multitude of inventive directions. Hence, Clay, (Re)Interpreted, is spotlighting the quality and diversity of contemporary ceramics in Cyprus today. While ceramic art is so deeply rooted in local culture, the artists explore new concepts of interpretation, creating a dialogue between the traditional and the contemporary. The traditions of ceramic art as well as the awareness of and breaking away from these traditions are equally visible in this set of works. The raw material of clay is moulded by human hands to be (re)morphed, (re)conceptualised, (re)interpreted. Clay, (Re)Interpreted wishes to highlight this great deal of aspects of ceramic art as a factor enriching t he field, and taking it further."

Organized by

Sylvia Panayiotidou



Anastasia L. Onisiforou
Antri Iona
Christina C. Giusti
Koulla Kalvari
Andreas Kattos
Souzana Petri



Lellos Art Point

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