Chariots of possession

Chariots of Possession

This pot is inspired by a Mycenaean pot found in Pyla in 1400 B.C. Mycenean pots were a medium of expression, often decorated with illustrations of culture at the time. In 1400 B.C. chariots were one of the most innovative forms of weaponry in Bronze Age warfare. Chariots were drawn by horses that were well-cared for, and rightly so: horses were the main mode of transportation and had an important role in the army. In my own illustrations I have reconsidered the chariot as a vehicle for financial gain, in terms of animal betting. Enslaved dogs are surrounded by materialistic possessions and the chariots are mounted by luxuriously dressed people.
Hand Build
Black Clay, Colour Slips, Crochet Detail
Stencil Decoration

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