While the Past becomes the Present

Souzana’s journey of modeling the archaic into the present.

Souzana Petri is a graduate of the University of Brighton in England. She studied 3D Design and Craft, specialising in ceramics and metalwork. The tradition and culture of a certain country is a source of inspiration and reference in the local arts. Her love for ceramics as well as her interest in Traditional Cypriot crafts motivated her to get involved in various activities and workshops in Cyprus. Through the use of traditional and new materials she is aiming at preserving the notion of tradition. This is achieved through pieces of art which reflect modern society and at the same time have the power to convey, in an unchangeable way, the characteristics of our history and tradition, which is what defines us as a nation.

– By Sylvia Panayiotidou

“Through story telling and imagery, my work comments on human and social conditions in our everyday lives.”

– Souzana Petri

Souzana’s skills and areas of expertise

Silk Print
Soft Metals (copper, silver etc.)


The aim of her work is to preserve some aspects of this tradition and to introduce a contemporary perspective. She’s getting her inspiration by the forms and shapes of the classical Cypriot pottery in order to create more abstract and colourful pieces with the use of hand building techniques and hand cut stencils.

Souzana Petri

Souzana Petri

3D Design and Crafts

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